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  /  Controllers and wireless control systems
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Controllers and wireless control systems

Precise control by joystick or hand-held transmitter

Our controllers and wireless control systems

Thanks to our many years of experience in the controls sector, you can benefit from a comprehensive range of products that also includes the right solution for even the most demanding requirements.

Control your cranes, machinery and installations with our wire-connected control pendants – and utilise the wide choice of configuration options. Or profit from the maximum flexibility, safety and reliability offered by our radio controls.

All of our controls give you ergonomic design, convenient operation and many opportunities to tailor the solution to meet the needs of your application.

See all the performance details and benefits on the product pages.

Demag D3 radio control

Demag D3 radio control: our goal – the best of its class The safety and efficiency of a manually controlled crane is largely influenced by control equipment. Radio controls offer freedom of movement and improved safety. As the control system [...]

DRC-DC radio control system

Fast installation. Ergonomic control. The DRC-DC radio control system is the ideal solution for optimum ergonomic operation of high-performance DC chain hoists. It offers much greater flexibility than cable-connected control systems and ensures that the operator can maintain a safe [...]

DRC-MP radio control system

Convenient, safe and reliable control The versatile alternative to wire-connected controls. DRC-MP radio controls are used for reliably controlling cranes, hoists, industrial doors, machinery and installations. You can choose between the DRC-10 key-actuated transmitter and the DRC-J joystick transmitter. Further [...]

DRC MJ mini joystick

Ergonomics @ Intuition You can control your cranes safely and precisely with the Demag DRC MJ hand-held transmitter, while concentrating fully on the handling task. By controlling your crane with two joysticks, you can intuitively and easily move it on [...]

DRC-J and DRC-JT(S) radio control systems

All functions at a glance at all times With the DRC-J and DRC-JT(S) radio control systems, crane control is safe and convenient. The basic structure of the two control systems is almost identical: A bright and high-contrast two-colour display provides [...]

DSE control pendants

Safely control simply everything DSE-10 control pendant for ergonomically controlling hoists and machinery. These wire-connected units are used for controlling DC chain hoists and DR rope hoists in applications with up to three motion achses. To serve these needs, we [...]

DSK control pendants

Convenient control Regardless of whether you need to control hoists from ground level or want to control machinery, wire-connected DSK control pendants are the ideal solution. Why? High level of safety For direct or contactor control Ergonomic design and operation [...]

DST control pendants

Safely control simply everything DST control pendants are real universal solutions – for universal operation of cranes, hoists and machinery. Their benefits are evident: three sizes with multiple combinations of operating and switching elements ergonomic design and operation switching elements [...]

DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants

Compact and ergonomic: DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants for operation of chain hoists With the DSC-3, DSC-5 or DSC-7 control pendants, users literally have hands-on control of Demag DC chain hoists. DSC-5 is much more compact than previous control [...]