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About us

Our Company

Our company ELLINIKI TECHNIKI (HELLENIC TECHNIC) was established in 1979 with scope of work the study, design, construction, installation and support (after sales service) of cranes and lifting equipment of all types. Since 1996 the company partners with the German firm DEMAG Cranes & Components, imposing high quality standards in the manufacture of lifting equipment. Our cranes are manufactured in proprietary factory and according to manufacturing license, applying by both the study and the structural configuration.

We offer our customers a complete range of cranes, drives and handling technology for every application – optimised by comprehensive sales and service support. These solutions provide our customers with valuable quality and efficiency benefits.

Our extensive product range includes a wide range of solutions for specific industries for travel applications, load handling at the workplace and material flow in production and storage. The HELLENIC TECHNIC crane experts always focus on the benefits for our customers – the greatest possible efficiency and reliability, optimum availability and maximum performance.

Providing solutions, not just products. Committed to Excellence.

Uncompromising quality is our philosophy. As the leading manufacturer nationwide, we offer powerful and reliable industrial cranes, crane components and drive solutions.

Our state-of-art design, services and qualified products / solutions promise a “Commitment to excellence”. This is also what we stand for: maximum reliability, continuous innovation and reassuring safety. In this way, we enable smooth and efficient processes, maximum efficiency and best results – giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

Our core values
Our best-in-class products allow you to focus on your business with peace of mind – adding value to customers around the world.

Our solutions are resilient, robust and reliable. We gladly go the extra mile to make sure your installations and processes run at maximum efficiency.

For more than 43 years, we have been pioneers of innovation and supply of total lifting / handling solutions.
More than 2.500 cranes and hoists ensure smooth and efficient processes to our customers.

Safety is key to performance. Protecting your staff and equipment is part of our dedication to zero harm

Our Facilities

HELLENIC TECHNIC recently completed an investment of € 4.500.000 creating a modern unit of 4.000m2, where production, storage rooms, service section, seminars and training room, show rooms and administration offices coexist.

HELLENIC TECHNIC constantly designs, develops and delivers smart lifting technologies that go above expectations to benefit your business. It’s through this customer-centric approach that we’ve pioneered industry standards and continue to explore solutions that enable new lifting opportunities.
Our dedication to lifting goes much deeper than inventing new crane technology. We want to help you stay ahead of the competition every step of the way by making smarter business decisions. Giving you the cutting- edge products, tools and support that makes your jobs easier today and for years to come.
We always strive to add value to every project by increasing revenue and lowering costs, from making your logistics more cost effective to reducing downtimes to making our cranes more efficient.

HELLENI TECHNIC optimizes resources and reduces downtime through robust design, dedicated people, responsive services and intelligent solutions.

When you choose HELLENIC TECHNIC for your cranes, you choose a partner that has the experience and know-how to give your business the attention that it needs.


This is how we take care of your business and your lifting equipment:


  • Unique management of your hoists / cranes through integrated maintenance management and scheduling systems that no one else in the industry can offer.
  • We supply any available service packages and remote monitoring of your cranes based on your needs and the available capital for preventive and invasive maintenance.
  • Platform for recording the history of your lifting machines in collaboration with software developed by our partners.
  • Specialized staff that is regularly trained with material and know-how from Germany and in-house repair area at our factory in Mandra.

Total lifetime support
Maintenance, repairs, technical support, application study for new or existing cranes, refurbishment and restoration of old equipment, operator and maintenance training, crane fleet management information – for all you need, you have a trusted partner to support you.

Real time information
Instant online access to the most up-to-date information such as technical support, machinery operating history, calculation of remaining operating life, spare parts, machine availability and efficient scheduling. We use SAP system for the immediate tracking of your orders and the warehouse consignment tracking, as well as our own warehouse stock with a variety of available spare parts.

Precise application
Our genuine spare parts fit perfectly in your lifting equipment and are accompanied by all the necessary guarantees and certifications. Our service experts take care of your cranes and have been adequately trained and certified to be able to effectively meet your requirements.

Status control / Monitoring
The telemetry of “smart” cranes ensures the best safety standards and enables you to have complete control of your crane fleet for improved safety, efficiency and reduction of production costs.

Reliability – Trust – Availability – Productivity – Quality – Security – Economic performance – Sustainability – Environment
Expectations from our customers and our social environment drive us. Regardless of the crane fleet size, we collect and process our customer’s needs and the challenges through surveys, communication and feedback from our Service team.


Spare parts

Demag Repair Center

Further Services


Our Guiding

Our Guiding Principles can be broken down into a Commitment that we renew everyday and a Vision toward which we strive.
We Can Handle It.

Our Commitment

With this Commitment, ``We Can Handle It.``, we wish to show customers and partners that we, as a company, are capable of meeting customers' requirements and needs, however demanding they may be, and providing professional solutions of a high standard while also meeting our own goals.
We want to be the first choice in our markets.

Our Vision

Only being rated second by our customers usually means the difference of being awarded a contract or not. Accordingly, we strive to be the ``first choice`` when it comes to offering solutions in materialhandling.
We focus on sustained and profitable growth.

Our Mission

The focus of our business is our customers. Understanding their needs and offering new solutions and the best possible service eases the workload of our customers both literally and figuratively. We aim to strengthen customer loyalty and to further increase customer satisfaction. We are committed to technological leadership through innovation. For decades, the brands of the Demag Cranes Group have stood for the highest quality of German engineering and leading edge technology. Thanks to sustained, above-average investments in research and development, we intend not only to maintain our leading edge, but to keep ahead of the competition. For us, growth is not a means to an end. Above all, the quality of that growth is important to us. Accordingly, we focus on sustainability of our rate of growth while ensuring to increase our profitability in order to improve our competitive edge and the market position in the long-term.
Innovative Strength

Our Values

Motivation Our employees are our most precious capital. We invest in their profession and personal development and motivate them to use their skill and creativity to achieve success together.
Sustainability Our conduct is ethically responsible and conforms to the principles of sustainable corporate governance.
Responsibility We handle the resources made available to us carefully, sparingly and responsibly.
Openness We show respect toward the diversity of cultures and beliefs and are open for ideas, opinions and desires of others.