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  /    /  DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants
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DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants

DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants

Compact and ergonomic: DSC-3, DSC-5 and DSC-7 control pendants for operation of chain hoists

With the DSC-3, DSC-5 or DSC-7 control pendants, users literally have hands-on control of Demag DC chain hoists. DSC-5 is much more compact than previous control pendants designed for controlling two motion axes (lifting and cross travel). DSC5 and DSC7 control pendants fit well in the user’s hand and allows both left and right-handed operators to control the hoist safely, reliably and intuitively, both with and without gloves. Single-handed control also makes it possible for the operator to manipulate the load with a free hand at the same time.

Further information

The benefits at a glance
    • One-hand operation – allows simultaneous handling of the load with the other hand
    • DSC-5: 2-axis control pendant for 2-axis operation
    • Ergonomic: low actuation forces enable fatigue-free operation
    • Directional stickers are covered and protected by transparent hard plastic caps
    • Modern design
    • Easy installation thanks to proven plug-in connection
    • Wear and impact-resistant housing
    • Clear switching points
    • Safe 24 V low-voltage design
Technical details
  • High resistance to impacts, abrasion resistance
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Largely resistant to aggressive media (fuels, oils, greases, salt water, cooling lubricants, diluted lyes)
  • Resistance to ageing and UV light of the housing parts
  • Use in enclosed rooms and outdoors
  • Operating temperature range: –20°C to +60°C (storage: -25° to +70°C)