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Rope hoists

Smart solutions for tomorrow's needs

Hoists to meet individual needs

Rope hoists feature high handling rates, cost-effective operation and maximum safety. As basic hoist units for integration into plant and machinery or as lifting solutions with electronic controls that are optimized for crane applications, with our wide range of rope hoists we offer the optimum solution to meet our customers’ specific requirements for efficiently lifting loads weighing up to 100 tonnes.

DMR rope hoist

One rope hoist. Two designs. Many possibilities. Individual needs require specific solutions. That is why we developed the DMR modular rope hoist. You can benefit from ground-breaking flexibility in all types of applications: from stationary installations to crane systems. For [...]

DS10-Wind rope winch

For swift service in wind turbine installations When maintenance work needs to be carried out on wind turbines, the spare parts and tools have to be lifted on the outside up to the nacelle to heights of 100 meters or [...]

DH hoist units

For demanding requirements Our DH hoist units can be used in a wide variety of applications, both as a traveling hoist on cranes or monorails and as stationary solutions. They offer a number of special technical features that enable loads [...]

Rope hoists and hoist units feature high handling rates, cost-effective operation and maximum safety. They can be used as basic hoist units for integration into plant and machinery, as components for a crane set or as lifting solutions with electronic controls that are optimized for crane applications. With our large portfolio of rope hoists and hoist units, we offer the best possible solution for your specific needs: cost-effective lifting equipment for loads up to 100 t.

Rope hoists and rope winches

Our electric rope hoists are a key element of our crane installations. Our electric rope hoists impress with their lifting force with load capacities of between 1 t and 100 t. Depending on your application and specific needs, you can choose from a wide variety of models: from standard rope hoists in the lower load capacity range to special rope hoist designs with additional system components in the upper load capacity range.

In addition, we offer various assemblies that can extend the lifting height. This can be achieved by mounting the hoist unit or rope winch on the side of the crane. The modular designs of our electric rope hoists are hard to beat in terms of lifting force, material quality and versatility – always with a view to efficiency. Our crane trolleys, which reliably move the rope winches and rope hoists, are also key. However, all rope hoist types have one feature in common: maximum availability and reliability in production operations and material flow.

Our DMR modular rope hoist offers you all kinds of possibilities with its two designs. For the first time, a rope hoist can be have either a C-design or co-axial design with one basic technology. With its five different sizes, a DMR can lift loads of up to 50 t as a single unit. The rope hoist offers maximum reliability thanks to its rope drum and gearbox which are lubricated for life. The low-wear rope guide arrangement using generously dimensioned return sheaves, in combination with the new motor technology and maintenance-free brakes, provides absolute reliability. With the motors, you have the choice between variable and 2-stage speeds.

Our classic DH hoist unit is available in three sizes. A maximum load of 100 t can be lifted over a hook path of up to 104 m. The electric rope hoist achieves particularly precise positioning thanks to its mechanical microspeed unit. Its space-saving planetary gear is protected inside the drum.

Our DS10 rope winches are designed for onshore and offshore installations and primarily offer solutions for the wind power industry. In wind turbines, for example, a winch can be used to lift maintenance material and transport the load into the nacelle with the appropriate lifting force. Using the electric rope winch, great heights of up to 180 m can be overcome quickly and efficiently without any problems.

Our combination of rope hoist and crane is optimized for your needs. The hoist or winch, rope and lifting force create an enormously efficient and reliable combination when used with our cranes and trolleys. The electric drive combined with our dynamic braking system ensures outstanding safety and reliability.

Additional information

Take a look at our different rope hoist variants on the relevant product pages. There you can find out about the many different applications and see further material, such as our brochures and technical data. If you have any questions about our electric rope hoists and electric rope winches, need a price for the hoist in question or are looking for spare parts or accessories, please feel free to contact our crane experts.