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Learn about our solutions for different industries.


Aircraft industry The in-house handling of aircraft components is one of the most demanding applications for cranes. On the basis of our extensive industry expertise, we provide complete solutions for the safe and reliable transport and precise positioning of sensitive [...]


Automotive industry We supply solutions for materials handling and in-house logistics along the entire value chain. The manufacturers of motor vehicles and their suppliers use crane technologies for lifting and transport applications in the manufacture and assembly of their products [...]


Chemical industry Hellenic Technic S.A. helps to ensure that processes continue to run smoothly and reliably in the chemical industry – for example in the storage, production and handling of products. With technology tailored to meet specific needs, we provide [...]

Coal mining

Coal mining industry Coal is still one of the world’s most important sources of energy. More than 40 per cent of all electricity used in the world is generated with coal. Its extraction is an important sector of the economy, [...]


Construction industry Whenever buildings or infrastructure projects are developed around the world, crane installations and drive systems are not far away. Not only at construction sites, but also in prefabrication of the building elements. A particularly demanding aspect of our [...]

Cement, glass, bricks, concrete

Material handling Whether auxiliary materials need to be handled or finished products have to be transported, we have the right crane and industrial drive solutions for the building material industry. Our crane installations are specially designed for operation in arduous [...]

Food and beverages

From agriculture to retail trade Food products often have to travel a long distance from where they are harvested until they are turned into finished foodstuffs. We help to ensure that the many steps along the way throughout the process [...]

Iron, steel, aluminum & further basic metals

Metals industry Many companies in the steel, ferrous and non-ferrous industry and their foundries rely on Hellenic Technic cranes all over the world. Why? Because we supply the right solution for every requirement – along the entire value chain. Our [...]

Machinery and equipment

Mechanical engineering For decades, we have served the mechanical and plant engineering sectors as a reliable partner delivering tailored solutions for overhead load handling. Our range of cranes and hoists includes products for virtually all areas of the mechanical engineering [...]

Metal ore mining

Mining industry Leading companies and suppliers in the mining and minerals processing sector rely on our wealth of experience and expertise for their crane installations. Not least, since the effective extraction and processing of natural resources are growing in importance [...]


Energy industry With our integrated handling solutions, we are a trusted partner of the private and public power generation sector all over the world, equally serving the production, operation and maintenance of power-generation installations. Fields of application Power generation facility [...]

Pulp and paper

Paper industry The paper industry is one of the key sectors for our process cranes technology. From precise positioning of machine rollers to fully automated stores for paper rolls, we offer solutions tailored to meet individual needs. Thanks to the [...]


Solutions for railways For many people, rail transport is the first choice on the path towards sustainable mobility for the future. In many cases, we are the first choice as the partner for cranes and components. For the manufacture, assembly [...]

Rubber and plastics

Rubber and plastic materials Hellenic Technic cranes and hoists are used in many areas of rubber and plastic productions. Both in automated injection moulding processes with high production rates or for the special production of large components. With our wide [...]

Ships and boats

Shipyard industry From the assembly of individual light-weight components to the transport of hull sections weighing several hundred tonnes and the launching of recreational craft, the range of crane applications in the ship building industry could hardly be more varied. [...]

Waste management

Recycling and waste sorting We supply solutions worldwide for refuse processing and recycling. With our many years of experience, we support the operators of refuse processing facilities with industry-specific expertise. Our crane installations are also used for automatically serving stores [...]

Wood and wood products

Wood materials Wood as a material plays a key role in our lives. It offers a wide variety of creative possibilities – and the tailored solutions with which we support the wood-processing industry are just as diverse. We offer cranes [...]