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Process cranes

Specific crane solutions tailored to meet demanding industry needs.

Our process cranes

Our process cranes are tailored to meet the needs of your production processes. They are designed and built to specific requirements. In this way, we ensure the highest efficiency, availability and safety for your installations. We have extensive expertise and knowledge of our customers’ specific industrial processes – in the paper industry as well as in process integration, in recycling and bulk handling, in the aircraft industry, in steel production and in steel handling.

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Remote Operating Station (ROS)

The remote control station for process cranes: everything safely in view The Remote Operating Station makes it possible for you to control your process crane from a remote “virtual crane cab.” This can be located in a control room or [...]

Process cranes for the paper industry

Reliable solutions for reliable processes In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability and they have to be equipped ready for any maintenance work that needs [...]

Process cranes for metal handling

Efficiency and flexibility combined with impressive performance Material handling systems are decisive components for cost-effectiveness in the steel trade. The performance provided by our cranes has a great influence on the efficiency and flexibility of all operating sequences – also [...]

Process cranes for mechanical engineering

Full integration and efficiency From the lifting and positioning of a load, to serving machinery or installations and loading – we link processes to ensure seamless integration. Efficient, versatile and cost-effective. Our tailored solutions provide for: modular load handling concepts [...]

Process cranes for metal production

Our cranes perform with the reliability of steel Difficult loads, high or extremely fluctuating ambient temperatures: the harsh operating conditions in foundries demand high levels of safety and functional reliability for crane systems. Our solutions offer high levels of flexibility [...]

Process cranes for recycling and bulk material

Ready for every application In refuse incineration installations, facilities for refuse-derived fuels, cogeneration plants and in the cement industry, the requirements to be met by cranes are particularly high. These demands include heat, dust and aggressive environments. Our process cranes [...]

Process cranes for the automotive industry

High-performance cranes for automotive Efficiency is decisive in the automotive sector. That not only applies to the cars, but production processes must also run smoothly.  Car production starts in the press plant. Wherever tools weighing several tons need to be [...]

Cranes for special applications

Build on proven technology: Process cranes for special applications Processes in special industries are highly dependent on the raw materials to be handled. Intralogistics tailored to match specific needs are decisive. Hellenic Technic cranes are versatile and can be adapted [...]

Process cranes for the aviation industry

Maximum precision, safety and reliability for handling sensitive parts Large parts have to be regularly lifted, turned and positioned on assembly lines in the aviation industry. The process cranes and hoist units that are used in these applications have to [...]