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DEL single conductors

Safe and compact

Compact supply – with high level of safety

Great versatility

  • Variety of suspension arrangements, combined suspension fitting
  • Light, compact design
  • Universal suspension can be fitted on profile sections and C rails
  • Snap-on connection – e.g. for perforated sheet or drilled girder web
  • Single suspension for variable centre distance
  • Suspension distances up to 3 m
  • Straight end sections can be cut by hand – no need for additional preparation of joints (cut-outs, drilling, etc.)
  • Isolating sections, powerfeeds and transfer sections can be quickly fitted and changed on site

High safety and reliability

  • Safety busbar line with IP 23 protection against accidental contact for horizontal installation
  • Reliable power transmission by current collector pantographs
  • High electrical safety due to large spacing between conductors and variable centre distance for single suspension
  • Expansion joints between all conductor sections absorb differences in length caused by temperature variation
  • Corrosion resistance

Convenient assembly and maintenance

  • Simple installation thanks to prepared assemblies
  • Bolted suspension, compact dimensions
  • Easy maintenance as conductors and current collectors are easily visible
  • Rapid disassembly of conductors thanks to patented quick-release joint connection

Product information

The benefits at a glance

Reliable performance

  • Up to seven conductors to supply power and control signals
  • Up to 200 A in continuous operation
  • High profile section rigidity with a low deadweight
  • Long service life thanks to optimised current collector trolley design
  • Power infeed both at the ends or in the middle of the conductor line

High safety and reliability

  • Protected power cables integrated in the current collector trolley
  • Narrow profile slot largely eliminates accidental contact with the interior conductor rails
  • Sealing lip for effective protection against dust and moisture with IP 24 enclosure (optional)
  • Expansion compensation at each joint
  • Fire protection to UL94/VO

Convenient assembly and maintenance

  • Fast installation thanks to pre-assembled connection system
  • Fast and simple replacement of straight sections
  • System can be inspected at each joint
  • Precise attachment to C-section rails or by means of threaded pins
  • Existing installations can be easily extended, since the system is compatible with its DCL forerunner
Technical data
Conductor line
Enclosure material PVC
Standard length  [mm] 6,000
Max. voltage [VAC] 690
Conductor/pole number 1 to ∞
Conductor cross-section  [mm2] 25, 50
Permissible current at 100% CDF [A] 100, 200
Ambient temperature [°C] -30 to +60
Curved section radius R ≥  [mm] 500
Max. suspension distance [mm] 1,000, 3,000 1)
Type enclosure to DIN 40050 IP2X 2)
Mounting position horizontal + vertical

1) With profile suspension
2) IP 23 for horizontal installation, IP20 for vertical installation
3) Bronze sliding contact. Graphite sliding contact: see technical data

Current collectors
Type Current collector pantograph 150/50 Bz 3)
Max. voltage [V] 690
Max. permissible current at 100% CDF [A] 40, 25
Max. connection cross-section  [mm2] 6.0
Max. fusing [A] 100
Min. curve radius R [mm] 500
Max. travel speed [m/min] 400
Mounting position horizontal + vertical