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Efficient power generation with Demag industrial drives

Energy industry

With our integrated handling solutions, we are a trusted partner of the private and public power generation sector all over the world, equally serving the production, operation and maintenance of power-generation installations.

Fields of application

  • Power generation facility construction
  • Installations for electricity and heat generation
  • Renewable power generation
  • Solar thermal power stations
  • Wind power installations
  • Biomass facilities
  • Refuse recycling installations

Power generation facility construction

Hellenic Technic cranes and hoists already play an important role in the production of machinery and installations for power generation. For example, they are used in the manufacture of gas and steam turbines, where sensitive machine components have to be positioned with accuracy down to the last millimetre. Also for the production and assembly of the required parts, our cranes and hoists provide assembly workers with essential support.

Installations for electricity and heat generation

Hellenic Technic cranes and components are operated in many sectors of industry where installations are used to generate electricity and heat with fossil or alternative fuels. The lifting capacity of our process cranes, for example, ensures that maintenance work can be carried out reliably on turbines and other components.

Renewable power generation

Our products are also present in the four central fields of renewable power generation: solar, wind, hydropower and biomass, forming an important link in the eco-friendly power generation process.

Solar thermal power stations

Individual solar power units within a solar thermal power station continuously align the surfaces of their modules to face the sun. Our wheel blocks from our range of industrial drives products provide the necessary rotation and availability.

Wind power installations

When maintenance work needs to be carried out on wind turbines, the spare parts and tools have to be lifted on the outside up to the nacelle to heights of 100 metres or more. For onshore and offshore installations we offer cranes, rope and chain hoists that are specially designed to meet the needs of the wind power industry. These hoists provide for fast and smooth service operations and minimise the time needed to transport materials. They help to ensure that facility downtimes are cut to a minimum and to boost the efficiency of these installations.

Biomass facilities

Our automated process cranes play a key role in recovering energy from refuse-derived fuels, such as wood chips or sludge. They ensure that the material is stored and blended as required and that the furnaces are continuously supplied.

Refuse recycling installations

Refuse incineration facilities not only help reduce the constantly growing amounts of refuse – but also make a valuable contribution towards power generation.
Our crane installations are optimized to meet the requirements of the individual facility. From manually controlled cranes and semi-automated operation to fully automated crane systems that are controlled by a warehouse management system.