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Dedrive Pro 880

Safe. Efficient. Controlled.

Safe. Efficient. Controlled.

Our new generation of Dedrive Pro 880 frequency inverters offers high-performance components ranging from 0.55 to 560 kW for 380 to 690 V systems. This new range of frequency inverters is the right solution for many crane control requirements.

Developed by a crane manufacturer for crane manufacturers: Dedrive Pro 880 offers completely configured software solutions and minimizes engineering and design costs with its Demag CraneControl system.

Product information

The benefits at a glance
  • Efficient engineering

    Dedrive Pro 880 offers completely configured software solutions and minimizes engineering and design costs with its crane control system.

    • Precise control and monitoring with Direct Torque Control (DTC)
    • High load handling rates by means of sensor-less load-sway reduction
    • Precise load handling by synchronized control of several hoist units
    • Torque shared between mechanically connected geared motors
    • Mechanical brake control with monitoring system
    • Reduced power consumption thanks to efficiency calculator

    High safety and reliability

    STO (Safe Torque Off) is already integrated as standard. Further functions are supported by an optional safety module (available from January 2017):

    • Safe Stop 1 (SS1)
    • Safe Stop Emergency (SSE)
    • Safe Brake Control (SBC)
    • Safe Limited Speed (SLS)
    • Safe Maximum Speed (SMS)

    Simple commissioning

    • Drive Composer PC tool for commissioning, configuration and monitoring
    • Drive Composer Pro: user-defined parameter windows, control diagrams for installation configuration and setting safety functions.

    Convenient operation

    • Intuitive control panel for easy menu navigation for convenient parameter programming and diagnostics

    Retrievable settings

    • Complete software and parameter configurations can be saved on a removable memory unit. This ensures that the system can be quickly returned to service after a unit is replaced.

    Direct synchronization

    • Interlinking several frequency inverters for directly synchronized drive-to-drive communication (D2D) – without the need for additional hardware

    Open communication

    • Data exchange with many automation systems thanks to plug-in field bus adapter

    Pro-active service

    Comprehensive service functions for preventive maintenance (lifetime counters), e.g.:

    • Crane elapsed operating time counter
    • Frequency inverter elapsed operating time counter
    • Fan operating time counter
    • Brake starting frequency counter
    • Hoist load spectrum recorder
    • Inverter starting frequency counter

    Complete transparency

    • Remote diagnosis tool with integrated web server
    • Process and drive data are recorded and saved
    • Processes are monitored by means of integrated warning and fault reporting functions
Technical data


  • Motor outputs from 0.55 to 560 kW
  • Rated voltage: 380 – 415 V, 380 – 500 V, 525 – 690 V (+/-10%)
  • 1.5 times overload capability for 1 minute/5 minutes
  • Short-circuit/earth-fault resistant motor circuit output
  • CE, CSA and UL listed
  • IP 55 enclosure up to size R9 (optional)
  • Master/slave capable
  • Integrated line filter (optional)
  • Integrated line reactor
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Evaluation of motor temperature detector

Optional functions

  • Communication modules for field bus network, e.g. PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • Extension modules to add control inputs and outputs as well as speed encoder evaluation
  • External PTC thermistor evaluation
  • Keypad terminal for parameter programming and commissioning
  • Drive Composer (Pro) PC software for convenient parameter programming and diagnosis as well as visualization


  • Control of cylindrical and conical-rotor motors
  • Automatic parameter identification
  • Direct torque control with/without rotary encoder for fast compensation when loads change
  • Speed and torque monitoring
  • Special function for smooth acceleration
  • Load-sway damping
  • Setpoint memory, setpoint steps (4-stage) and bipolar/unipolar analogue control modes
  • Load-dependent speed for hoist operation with field weakening (ProHub)
  • Load spectrum calculation (also depending on the speed)
  • Speed or torque control freely selectable
  • Master/slave function, electronic gearbox and closed-loop control
  • Intelligent braking logic system for brake monitoring by evaluation of the corresponding feedback contacts
  • Comprehensive diagnosis functions


Demag Dedrive Pro 880 frequency inverters