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Demag HCW High Capacity Winch Crabs

HCW High Capacity Winch Crabs

Lifting on a higher level

Compact design and high performance

Demag HCW open winch units feature an extremely compact design. Thanks to their outstanding combination of size and lifting capacity, they can be used to create a full range of solutions for power stations, shipyards and heavy mechanical engineering applications. The load on the crane superstructure can be significantly reduced due to the low hoist unit deadweight.

HCW hoist units are equipped with wear-resistant components and offer good accessibility for service and maintenance. They can also be used to modernize existing crane installations where little space is available. HCW open winch units can be configured to meet individual needs thanks to their modular system design. Fast, safe and reliable – thanks to clearly defined interfaces. And without the need for any additional design or development work.

Precise positioning of heavy loads

Our open winch units offer optimum approach dimensions to utilize the existing floor area. Depending on their design, the 4 or 6-wheel crabs ensure uniform distribution of the load on the crane girders. Loads can be safely and precisely positioned thanks to true-vertical-lift reeving arrangements up to 20/2, optional integrated load-sway reduction and inverter-controlled microspeeds.

Reliable drives

The drives are equipped with high-quality, perfectly matching components to ensure reliable operation in lifting and travel applications.

Double performance

HCW open winch units offer exceptional lifting power. With load capacities up to 500 t, they provide the necessary lift in the upper load capacity range. By using them as tandem units, their lifting capacity can be increased to 1,000 t.

Product information

The benefits at a glance

Easy to maintain

  • Dedicated service interfaces for all components: two optional maintenance platforms offer direct access all around the open winch unit
  • Central lubrication systems for gearbox and components (option)


  • Protective rope guide for precise winding on the drum

Precise positioning

Single or double hooks with optional features:

  • Motor-driven design
  • Hook position can be locked at increments of 90°

Other features

  • High-performance hoist units in graded sizes up to 500 t and 1,000 t as tandem unit
  • Compact dimensions require little space
  • Complete solutions with perfectly matching travel units
  • Precise positioning thanks to inverter-controlled drives
  • Dedicated interfaces for service and maintenance
Standard Features
  • Forged single or double hook with protective cover
  • Rope guide on the drum
  • Overload protection with strain gauge
  • IP55 enclosure
  • Hoist unit brake
  • Hoist limit switches
  • Cross-travel limit switch
  • Hoist final limit switch/manual reset
  • Paint finish:
    • crab frame in RAL 1004
    • motors/gearbox in RAL 5009
  • Can be operated down to -20 °C for steel superstructure
Options (Extract)
    • Drive designs with heating systems (115/230 V)
    • Geared limit switch with second switching unit: 4 additional stopping positions
    • Travel limit switch: 2-step heavy duty limit switch (TA471)
    • Electronic weighing system: +/-5% accuracy with nominal load
    • Stainless steel electric enclosure
    • Additional versions with guide rollers
    • Customer-specific paint finish
    • Mechanical derailment protection
    • Protection against the weather for all drives operating outdoors
    • Cable drum fitting